Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do You Have Chronic Neck Pain or Arm Pain?

It Might be Coming from Your Spine

Normal wear and tear, common aging and injury can all have negative effects on the vertebral discs in your spine. When you feel annoying numbness, pain, tingling or weakness in your arm or neck, the cause of the pain is probably coming from your spine, not your arm or neck.

Different areas of the body can hurt from conditions in the spine. These areas may include:
  • Neck muscles
  • Shoulders
  • Jaw
  • Head
  • Upper arms
How exactly can pain that you only feel in one of these areas be caused from somewhere deep in your spine? Let’s answer this question below.

Step 1: Most often, problems begin in the spine when fibers in the outer wall crack and weaken. This results in the formation of radial tears in and around sensitive nerve fibers in the disc wall.

Step 2: Next, the disc’s soft nucleus pushes through to the outer edge of the disc wall, causing local back pain at the disc level.

Step 3: As the herniation pushes out of the disc wall, disc material may press against the large nerve roots, resulting in pain that radiates to the limbs, including the arms, legs or neck.

The Right Way to Treat Arm or Chronic Neck Pain

If you have neck or arm pain, it’s important to remember that the exact source of the pain may not be in those areas. That’s why treatment for this type of pain should first locate the exact source of the pain and then treat that area. In many cases, the solution to this pain is minimally invasive spine treatments that target the cause of the pain and cure it so you no longer feel the radiating pain in your arms, neck or legs.

The spine pain specialists at Capstone are dedicated to identifying the exact source of your pain so it can be treated and stopped for good. Don’t deal with temporary pain medication that makes you keep coming back for more relief. Get rid of the pain forever. Learn more about our minimally invasive spine treatments today.

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