Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking for Quick Pain-Relief Tricks?

Easy Activities that Can Decrease Chronic Back Pain

Much of our body’s physical health depends on our mental health. It’s amazing how much impact our minds can have on the pain our body feels. We know from previous studies that positive thinking can lead to less pain, but we also know that other activities and mental tricks can play a role in fighting pain.

By taking part in activities that use your mind, you can lower the cortisol (stress hormone) in your body and give your immune system a boost at warding off illness and pain. Here are some of the activities other than positive thinking suggested by

Food Fantasies

Research has shown that having food fantasies, like thinking about warm, chewy cookies, or a tender piece of steak can help relieve pain from migraines, menstrual cramps and other pain-inducing conditions. The study found that thinking about a favorite food led to a reduction in the pain felt from participants sticking their hands in icy water.


Although it may not look like much, meditation can have a powerful effect on our physical body. In one study, mindful meditation focused on breathing reduced pain intensity by 11 to 70 percent and pain unpleasantness by 20 to 93 percent among participants. Making an effort to practice meditation every day can significantly lower the amount of daily back pain you feel.


Pain has the ability to cross over from a purely physical phenomenon to an emotional one. By focusing on things over than the pain, the level of pain intensity you feel can lower, simply because it’s not taking up all of your attention. Reading, watching a movie or playing a game are great ways to focus on something other than the pain.


Listening to music can also be considered a distraction from the pain, but one study found that participants with rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain had lower pain, depression and disability and higher feelings of power after listening to music for one hour. Listening to music has also been seen to reduce anxiety levels in some people.


Studies have researched the effects spending a period of time writing can have on the amount of pain you feel. Results showed writing can not only lower pain levels, but enhance your immune system. Writing every night before bed is a great way to get your thoughts on paper, help you fall asleep faster and relieve some of the chronic pain you feel.

These are just a few of the simple tasks you can do to slightly lower the amount of back pain you feel every day. Although not a cure for the pain you’re feeling, these are easy activities that don’t require too much effort.

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